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Showcase Your Business

A 360-degree virtual tour or video tour is an ideal way to showcase your business online. The majority of customers check out a business online before going there, so it is essential that your business looks great online.

MIT Image 360 offers businesses the following services:

  • Google Street View virtual tours – Invite customers into your business online with an indoor Street View photo shoot. Your customers will get the opportunity to virtually walk through your business before they even visit. Your customers can explore and interact with your business like never before from a desktop or mobile device. The tours are placed directly on your Google business pages and are available for your website. Booking a Google tour also will provide you with High Dynamic Range photographs of your business.
  • Educate your customers by adding informational “hot spots” and a navigational menu to your tour. The hotspots allow viewers to click on an icon on a designated spot and receive a popup informational box that will tell them about what they are viewing. The navigational menu will allow viewers to directly click to specific spots on your virtual tour.
  • 360-degree virtual tour video – Different than the Google Street View tour, this is an actual video set to music that displays aspects of your business in 360 degrees. This video tour is not meant for Google but rather for your own website and other marketing purposes.
  • High Dynamic Range photos – If  you want great looking photographs of your business for your website or marketing materials, MIT Images 360 can supply exactly that. We use HDR technology to give your business photos that extra pop.
  • Virtual Staging – let our experts digitally insert furniture and accessories to stage your home for you.

Selling your residential property?

The images you display of your home are your most important tool when selling. We all know that potential buyers look first at the photos. Let MIT Images 360 provide you with the best possible photos and video of your home.

Services available include:

High Dynamic Range photography – this technology will make your home photos look the best they can possibly look.

Video walk-through tours – we will walkthrough your home with a camera on a Gimbal stabilizer, ensuring that your walkthrough video will flow smoothly. This will allow potential buyers to walk through your home virtually with an attractive video set to music.

360-degree virtual tour video – Show your home in full 360-degree glory with a true 360-degree virtual tour video set to music.

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